About Lowell and the journey

Lowell Taylor had an amazing experience one night, back in 1998, in which God planted an unquenchable fire of desire in his soul to gain a greater understanding of the prophetic events of our day and... find the general order the prophetic events of our day will play out leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory. Yet, there was a caveat... Lowell felt like God was telling him "Don't use the commentaries." It was a journey between Lowell, God, and the scriptures.

Ever since that night, Lowell has been on that tenacious journey with God, for God, and for you and everyone. You see, the more God showed Lowell the answers to mysteries, the more God planted into Lowell's heart the desire to help others know the mysteries too. It's truly a journey of love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and you.

With so much confusion and differing strong opinions causing vast divisiveness in the world today, we need truths that can help us come together on some core common ground. The huge, major, astonishing and or significant Bible signs insights discovered or pointed out by Lowell can be helpful in bringing many of us closer together in a loving, caring way. Yet, that is just part of Lowell's why. The #1 reason Lowell does this is because it's what he feels God wants him to do. He's so glad too. Because there are events coming, some perhaps in months and others just a few years ahead and others not long after that, which events are very important. Lowell has a great desire to tell people about them and to work together in preparing for those events and preparing to help those who are not prepared for those events.

Of course, Lowell has a great desire to talk about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Ghost. That's Lowell's most passionate moment by moment focus is to be in harmony with them and talking to others about tips to help them grow closer to God.

Yet, Lowell loves the gift God has given to us of moral agency. Lowell tries to be respectful of those who don't want to talk about Heavenly Father, Christ, religion and the prophetic events of our day. Common courtesy can go a long ways in community peace. With that said, we have a situation, the prophetic events coming and Lowell has a strong track record of being right on this topic. We would be foolish not to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

Freedom is very important to Lowell. With the gift of moral agency, freedom is what can help us live as neighbors peaceably. knowing what prophetically is coming, Lowell is sure socialistic government programs are doomed to fail. The thought of what will happen to all the people on those programs when those programs fail, is very concerning to Lowell. 

With all the kind acts that Lowell has seen, read, heard, or witnessed, he knows the best way forward includes drawing closer to God, supporting freedom, and us, without Government mandates, working to help one another.

Lowell feels there will be opportunities to shape up government to be less corrupt and more efficient. He feels the same about a monetary system.

Lowell's perspective of the future is unique in the respect that he feels many people can have a bright future. He found the Bible, regarding our day, talks a lot about what the wicked are going to do to the wicked. The Bible also talks some about what the wicked are going to do to some Christians. The Bible also talks a lot about what God is going to do to the wicked. However, the Bible does not mention much about what the Christians will be doing. When Lowell connected the dots to see how many Christians in North America can have a bright future, he was so excited. He's anxious to share that insight with others.

Lowell has so much that he wants to share that it could easily overwhelm a person. Over the years Lowell has tried to share cautiously so others don't get too overloaded. 

In 2015 he felt God wanted him to write a fictional story that would bring out factual insights. Lowell had no idea what the story would be like, how it would start, or when it would end. He just sat down and began typing. By the next day it was drafted out. A few months later it was an eBook, yet only a few copies were sold.
Then, in August of 2015, current events happened which made it clear to Lowell that the Bible referenced the United States regarding this very moment in time. In November of 2015 Lowell wrote all fifty governors and since then has emailed and called more than once.

During the 2016 election Lowell felt impressed to sit back and keep working in the back ground. Trump fit a prophetic person much better than Obama and we all know how the election turned out.

In March of 2017 Lowell again felt the hand of God guiding him to rework the eBook to reflect the greater clarity gained by the election and other current events. Yet this time, Lowell was to print the book.

In April of 2017 another miracle happened when God guided Lowell to two valiant Christians who have the potential to help this information finally get out to the billions of people like you who, whether they know it or not, really desperately need it.

The 2017 Edition of the book did not get much traction. While pondering on why, the thought came to go through the book and look for all the significant insights. Lowell found 53 and thought of others not in the book. He realized that he had not done a good job in promoting the amazing insights that are in the book and decided to put the list of 53 in the beginning pages of the book. In addition, Lowell put in the beginning of the book, a one page description of the five critical events to happen between now and about 2033. Those changes are in the 2018 Edition.

Lowell has been blessed with God opening the door of opportunity to work with Larry Witherspoon to make shows starting to air by early 2019. 

Although more and more people have been warming up to these new insights, Lowell has struggled for years to find a platform to get the word out and keep in touch with those he made contact with. Recently, that looks to be solved. In an answer to many prayers, Lowell has been blessed to meet many wonderful people whom are helping this work move forward. He's very thankful to Brendon Burchard for his insights and example of how to inspire people and help them obtain high performance plus, his step by step training. It's amazing! Brendon also is an investor in Kajabi, the web platform being used now. Brendon made an offer to get his training and Kajabi services in a special bundle offer that has really proven to be a big blessing. 

God is opening wide the doors of opportunity for this information to get into the homes of tens of millions of people. Yet, this is still very much about helping one person at a time get up to speed on these ever-so-important insights. 

Lowell is excited you are here and anxious to help you. 

And the journey continues! 


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