The Prophetic Playbook


Wow! This video covers so many things!

When it comes to the Bible prophetic events of our day, up to this point, virtually everyone is on the same page... called... Clueless and confused!

That's about to change!

Can you think of someone in our day who has said 'This Bible prophetic event is happening, and that Bible prophetic event is going to happen, and as time has gone on... they've been proven right?"

Well, I'm on to something... something big! Really, really big!

I've identified what prophetically has happened since 1925. In 2008 and on up to 2013 I have also identified some things to happen which have happened since 2013. Now, more things I said would happen... are in the news visibly shaping up to happen!

Since 1925 to 2013... 15 Bible prophetic points had been fulfilled and they have been unidentified by virtually everyone!!! Now, 26 Bible prophetic points have been fulfilled or are in the process! That's huge news! Yet, it gets bigger! Over the next few years we will be up to around Bible prophetic point 38!!!

You get to see what prophetically is happening and watch it actually happen!!! In one way... That's awesome! However...

I have good news, bad news, urgent news, exiting news, shocking news, amazing news and so much more news! What this video and you'll get a glimpse of what I mean.

While politicians and candidates are in a fierce battle, virtually everyone feels like our government and society are in a torrential river with the sounds of ominous waterfalls ahead. Does it really matter which candidate wins? 

Watch this video and see insights virtually everyone are leaving out of their plans, yet God isn't!

See if these insights help you to view the candidates platform in a whole different light. 

Let's get you out of the torrential river and on the beautiful shore of peace, prosperity, and a bright, bright future!

Watch the video, get The Prophetic Playbook Story, and hang-out with me, ask me questions, and let's get you more up to speed on the Bible prophetic events of our day.

As long as we are on this earth, let's enjoy the journey the best we can.


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