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Yes! Lowell has made a lot of discoveries!

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When it comes to the Bible prophetic events of our day virtually everyone is on the same page... called... Clueless and Confused.

It's not your fault!

Lowell discovered 3 Bible chapters which for centuries
have been thought and taught to be about ancient times.
It turns out that's wrong! 
Those Bible chapters are about our day!
Big, major discovery!
Yet, the news gets BIGGER!
Those 3 Bible chapters
are the key chapters,
the foundational chapters,
to organize the Bible prophetic events of our day in general order.

Look at Lowell's

  • Lowell:
  • Identified 26 Bible prophetic points that have happened or are happening Since 1925.
  • 11 of those since 2013.
  • Identified 6 individuals referenced in the Bible Since 1925.
  • 4 of the 6 individuals were identified in early 2000's.
  • The 5th individual was identified July 2016.
  • The 6th individual was identified Jan. 2017.
  • Identified the correct identity of three current day countries that are referenced in the Bible about our day.
  • The 1st of the 3 countries was identified in the early 2000's.
  • The 2nd of the 3 countries was identified in August of 2015.
  • The 3rd of the 3 countries was identified in July of 2016.


Have you heard?
Lowell discovered
two Bible chapters
that reference the USA

regarding this very moment in time!

Yet, it's what's coming that
Lowell wants everyone to know about!

He's reaching out to the president,
and other politicians,
pastors, the media, and everyone including you!

He's on to something!

Something BIG!



Lowell has lots of good news, bad news, exciting,
horrific, urgent, loving, shocking, great, critical, amazing
and so much more news.

Watch this video about how to learn more.


Wondering if this is important?

Watch this video!

Why is Lowell on a crusade to share
these insights with you and everyone?

  • Obviously, he feels it's what God wants him to do.
  • Lowell is experiencing amazing peace, blessings, and joy by striving to work with God to keep the two great commandments: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself. Lowell wants to encourage others to put these commandments to the test.
  • He is also very optimistic that the Bible signs insights can help you and billions of other people. All of whom he considers his brothers and sisters in God. A lot of people would speak-up if they saw others in harms way. Lowell is one of those type of people. 
  • We have five critical events coming between now and about 2033. Lowell feels we can prepare for those events and better handle them with preparations and preparations to help those not prepared.
  • Two of the five critical events are visibly shaping-up in the news. So, time is of the essence!
  • You know how our nation (the US) is so divided? Lowell feels the Bible prophetic insights about our day can help us look at politics in a whole different light! Instead of voting R or D, lets take into consideration God's plans and insights... The Bible prophecies about our day... and vote how Christ would want us to in light of whats coming our way.
  • Lowell is convinced once we know what's coming... many of us will have a lot more common goals on political, economical, and social issues. Wouldn't that be nice!
  • Lowell also feels that many politicians can come to more common ground on political issues knowing the Bible prophetic events of our day. Wouldn't that be nice too!
  • With our more common goals on political, economical, and social issues... Lowell believes there can be better areas of peace, prosperity, and a bright future.    
  • Lowell knows there will be places of peace, prosperity, and a bright future. He wants you and your family and others to be in one of those areas. There are going to be some really bad places and he sure doesn't want you and your loved ones there!
  • Lowell wants to share insights with you to get you off the page of Clueless and Confused so you and your family can work with God to handle the situations coming.
  • With what's coming, there are fortunes to be made. Those who have fortunes... have a lot to lose. Those of us who have little need to know what we can do to keep what we have or position ourselves to capitalize on the coming opportunities. There will be family members and countless others who will want help. Lowell wants you to get informed and be able to be on the giving end instead of the receiving end.
  • Lowell wants to have a website show for those of us who are up to speed on the basic Bible prophecies so we can all have a more meaningful conversation about what's going on.
  • Lowell feels that once you and others get up to speed on the basic Bible prophecies of our day, you and others will likely have some really good ideas to share that can help others and in turn what others share may be vary beneficial to you and your family.
  • Lowell feels these insights can be the catalyst to the greatest worldwide "Draw closer to Christ" revival of our lifetime and perhaps much, much longer! Doesn't our nation (the US) and the world need that?!
  • Lowell feels these insights can be the catalyst to the greatest "Draw closer to freedom" revival of our lifetime. When you understand what's coming you will understand why this is so critical.

So, those are some of the many reasons
why Lowell is on a crusade to share
these insights with you and everyone else.

Are you ready to get off the page of Clueless and Confused?
Lowell would love to help you!
For over 20 years he has been tenaciously striving for this opportunity!
You and your family are that important to him!
Although Lowell highly recommends The Best Path below as a way to get up to speed, look to see which of the three paths feels right to you.

The good path

FREE!  - You get access to The Basic Path members area. I try to keep it simple and basic for you. We all know how confusing the Bible prophetic events of our day can be. You also get the basic newsletters, updates, and insights. When you are ready you can step onto the better or best path.

The better path

  • You get access to The Better Path members area.
  • On this path, we go into the whole Bible chapters referenced in The Prophetic Playbook Story. 
  • I get to point out to you the connections and correlations within verses, chapters, and current events.
  • You get newsletters, updates, and insights.

There's a learning curve on this path yet, it's way worth it! 


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The best path

  • You get a special offer on the new 2018 Edition of The Prophetic Playbook Story.
  • Plus... while waiting for your book to arrive, you get FREE two week access to The Prophetic Playbook Story eBook!
  • Plus, you get access to The Best Path members area where we go over the Bible chapters referenced in the book.
  • As part of The Best Path, you also get newsletters, updates, and insights.
  • Plus, special contact info to ask me questions.
  • Plus, other specials!

This is by far the best way to start to get informed.

Look at the information on this home page.

There is a lot of insights in this amazing book!

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The good, better, and best, path options will be working January 2019. Looking forward to giving you more insights then. Buy The Prophetic Playbook Story now and get a head start.


A lot!
Only about 200 pages yet it is packed with amazing insights!
  • Learn about the five critical events (what I call waterfalls) to happen between now and about 2033.
  • See the 53 HUGE, MAJOR, ASTONISHING and or significant Bible signs insights discovered or pointed out.
  • Get a feel for how the Bible prophetic events of our day play out in general order. (From the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.)
  • See what prophetically has happened since 1925.
  • See what prophetically is happening this very moment.
  • See how, where, when the United States is referenced in the Bible about this very moment in time and for the next few years ahead.
  • See which six individuals, since 1925, are referenced in the Bible.
  • See which three individuals are fulfilling Bible prophecy right now.
  • See why the future does not need to be all gloom and doom.
  • See the prophetic fate of our nation (not the people).
  • Get a feel for where you don't want to be living.
  • See how many people can have peace, prosperity, and a bright future.
  • And more!

More and more people are agreeing!!!

"This is by far the very best insight on how the Bible prophetic events of our day play out in general order."

Based on the prophetic events of our day as found in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

Designed for those who have not read the Bible to those who are Bible scholars.

It's in story form because we absorb things better in story form. 

The story brings out factual insights.

Only $29.95 plus s/h

Order your book now.

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Lowell Taylor had an amazing experience one night, back in 1998, in which God planted an unquenchable fire of desire in his soul to gain a greater understanding of the prophetic events of our day and... find the general order the prophetic events of our day will play out leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory. Yet, there was a caveat... Lowell felt like God was telling him "Don't use the commentaries." It was a journey between Lowell, God, and the scriptures.

Ever since that night, Lowell has been on that tenacious journey with God, for God, and for you and everyone. You see, the more God showed Lowell the answers to mysteries, the more God planted into Lowell's heart the desire to help others know the mysteries too. It's truly a journey of love for Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and you.

Where has that journey led to? Get a glimpse below and in The Prophetic Playbook Story.

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